Scientists have powered basic computers with algae for just

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Scientists have powered basic computers with algae for just

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In a grisly vision of a future cut off by sunlight Machines are overworked in the Matrix animated series that turns to the sleeping human form as a power source. if they have sunlight Seaweed would undoubtedly be a better choice. Engineers

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from the University of Cambridge in the UK have been using microprocessors for more than six months, using nothing more than the current generated by typical cyanobacteria. The approach aims to power massive amounts of electronic devices. The growing Internet of Things

requires an increasing amount of power. And we think this has to come from a system that can generate power. instead of storing them like batteries,” says Christopher Howe, biochemist and (we think) non-mechanical humans.

The Internet of Things differs from the internet we use to tweet and share TikTok clips in that the Internet of Things connects less opinionated objects like washing machines. Coffee machines, vehicles and remote environmental sensors
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