One Farmer's Discovery of Algae Could Change the World

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One Farmer's Discovery of Algae Could Change the World

Postby kafa88 » 20 Dec 2021 12:18


As the impacts of climate change accelerate The United Nations says the strongest measure we need to reduce global warming is to curb emissions of a greenhouse gas: methane, but emissions continue to accelerate.

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However, there may be a game-changing way to slow methane emissions. on Prince Edward Island in Canada Farmer Joe's Unlikely Discovery Dorgan has the potential to change the world.Dorgan, founder of North Atlantics Organics, which manufactures and sells organic seaweed.

Stumbled upon the wonders of the weather. Seeds were grown through family farming for five generations along the coast of Prince Edward Island. In those days, farmers harvested seaweed for food and fertilizer.So while beachgoers might think of algae nuisances,

Dorgan knows from experience that it's full of potential. CBS News meteorologist and weather expert Jeff Berardelli reported on "CBS Saturday Morning." He sent samples to Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia to test their organic certification. from such information
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