Fallout 76 - old errors in the new update

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Fallout 76 - old errors in the new update

Postby game5mmo » 31 Jan 2019 07:52

buy Fallout 76 Caps Looks like there are no more buyers to buy Fallout 76 - even after the big discounts. The next store has prepared an amazing promotion.

Bethesda has released the latest title update on the Fallout 76 servers which as it soon turned out introduced bugs into the production build that were removed in the previous fix pack. No regression tests or simply operating on an outdated builda? This probably will not be known but it is certain that annoying players errors like the ability to copy items from the inventory or too large the weight of the caps returned to the official servers. Thus if Bethesda hoped that the creators of No Man Sky will improve their image with consistent improvement of the game then a positive response from fans can wait a little longer.

Bethesda can not recover after the Fallout 76 disaster. The image of the authors of Skyrim and Oblivion has been tarnished and - even worse - there are still many bugs and problems with the flow of animation in Fallout 76. The publisher promises however improvements in subsequent updates. The next one is to provide us with Player real Player mode as we have written about here.

Ultimately the creators still swear that they have a lot of ideas for new content for Fallout 76 but it's vain to count on it that will satisfy players if it's packaged with bugs that you'd rather forget about. What's more there were voices in the reddit forum that Bethesda silently removed unsolicited updates. If the latter turns out to be true cheap Fallout 76 Atoms the atmosphere around Fallout 76 can become even more compact.

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