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Atlas admin account hijacked

24 Jan 2019 08:35

buy Ark Season Pass CDK As reported by Rock Paper Shotgun the person who accessed an Atlas administrator’s account used the opportunity to summon a variety of objects into the game’s North American PvP server. Some of these were objects that would ordinarily have appeared in the game like a massive swarm of whales. Other objects seemed more out of place including a cadre of warplanes and tanks. Once other administrators became aware of the matter Atlas developer Grapeshot Games shut down the server and rolled back progress by about five hours. This prevented lasting damage but also undid any player progress during that time.

Grapeshot did pull all their official servers offline after becoming aware of the problem bringing the PvE ones up several hours before finally resurrecting PvP. The NA PvP server rollback might have undone the devastation but they did also take several hours of progress from players.

Even before this incident Altas has had a rocky launch.buy Ark Accounts It was delayed multiple times and launched to less than stable server status. A combination of laggy infrastructure and the discovery of a menu from ARK: Survival Evolved led many players to decry the game as seeming like a quick asset-flip. Still this is a game about pirates so account piracy seems like an almost fitting problem. Hopefully the admin in question has now changed all of their passwords.

Atlas seems quite shambolic but it’s still riding high in the Steam charts; people wanna pirate. Like the game which spawned it Ark: Survival Evolved it dreams a dream few other games do then is janky and grindy as all hell in realising that dream.

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