10 Game-changing Quick Fixes to Improve Your Interview Proce

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10 Game-changing Quick Fixes to Improve Your Interview Proce

Postby RAKIBOUL123 » 02 Jan 2022 08:30

The battle for the best talent in the United States is becoming increasingly competitive, costly and time consuming. Today, the average job posting takes 52 days to fill and costs the business $ 4,000. Obviously, companies are willing to invest time and money in recruiting the best for their organization.But what happens when you don't have time to revise your interview process because hiring is critical to the business? What happens when you have maximized your budget and it is not possible to spend money on the problem? The goal of this article is to provide 10 quick tips to improve your interview process without breaking the bank.Before the interview1) Look for leading indicators Don't focus exclusively on resumes and cover letters. While years of experience and technical skills are undoubtedly important, there are other methods of determining whether a candidate would be a great fit for your organization.- Survey your team - What blogs are they reading? What podcasts are they listening to? Who do they follow on Twitter? What clubs or organizations do they belong to? Using this information, you can create candidate profiles to find out who is your targeted talent pool.- Go further - Integrate these results into your outbound recruitment strategy. Let's say 75% of your analysis team is involved in DAA. You could attend the next DAA meeting with a few of your colleagues to strengthen your employer brand recognition and spot the best talent.2) When email database it comes to outbound recruitment efforts… quality> quantity We've all received an impersonal, poorly constructed recruiter email. In many cases, it's obvious that the recruiter's email has blasted hundreds of applicants about the same job opportunity. Creating a competitive advantage is imperative in the bitter war for talent. Think of it this way ... If you think a candidate's experience looks good on paper, chances are hundreds of other recruiters will think the same.- Opening the email is half the battle - In the world of phishing and spam emails from recruiters, your subject line should tell the reader that they were 100% the recipient foreseen. Try to include both personal and professional details in the subject line to immediately grab their attention (i.e. their alma mater, the title of their blog post, the breed of their dog, etc. .) - Prove that you've done your homework - Whether you're congratulating them on a promotion or praising their recent blog post, outreach emails should always include details about that recipient. Why? 1) It shows that you took the time to research their background 2) It makes the recipient feel special and thus gives them a positive impression of your business 3) Consider removing or adding barriers to entry on the job application I know what you are thinking… why would I create more barriers for potential applicants? The length and complexity of the application process for a particular position should reflect the unique recruiting challenges associated with that particular role.- Need more candidates? - Maybe this is a niche technical position with a small talent pool or maybe your employer brand recognition is not well established in this particular market. A quick solution is to post the job on Linkedin and allow candidates to apply through their Linkedin profile. This makes it easier for candidates to express their interest in your business without having to go through the steps of a lengthy job application. (Keep in mind that we have found that Linkedin generates a high volume of applications but a low rate of interview progress. So be prepared to sift through tons of applications to find the candidate of your dreams) - Need to quickly identify quality candidates? - Add a mandatory question to the job application to 'weed out' unqualified applicants and deter applicants who apply en masse to any jobs they come across. Ideally, this “eliminate” question would be role specific and help further qualify the candidate's ability to perform the job.During the interview1) don't underestimate the power of a presentation Each role at Seer incorporates a presentation component into the interview process (even the internship!). It allows the team to assess preparation and attention to detail and gives the most accurate description of how they performed.
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